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spring scream

Spring Scream: A window on Taiwan’s music culture

Entering its 22nd year, Spring Scream is the longest running music festival in Taiwan. It was born when a few expats brought a dozen bands together on a southern beach back in 1995. Now, it’s a three-day music festival in Kenting National Park on the southern tip of the island, featuring 200 bands spread across eight stages — nearly all of them local, including Taiwanese and expats.

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rome  (4 of 21)

When in Rome…

Back in 2013 I started out on a European roadtrip with my parents in Rome. Later in France, one of our friends described it as a “village” in comparison to Paris. I think that’s part of it’s appeal. I can’t wait to come back some day and wander the narrow alleys while taking espresso shots and admiring all of the ancient architecture. Here are some snaps from my weekend in Rome, all taken with a Canon 6D and 24-105L.

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paris (22 of 47)

A Few Days in Paris

Exactly one year ago, I took a roadtrip through Europe with my parents. Towards the end, we spent several days in Paris. It struck me as a very grand, hip, diverse, energetic, beautiful, and cultured city. Here are some visual impressions I took away from it.

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meizhou hot springs thumbnail

Meizhou: Capitol of Hot Springs and Hakka Culture

MEIZHOU is often overlooked in the treasure trove of travel options in Guangdong Province. But...
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dafen art village thumbnail

Dafen Art Village: China’s Counterfeit Art Capital

It’s been nearly six years since I’ve been to Dafen. I’ve heard that it has grown a lot since then, so I’ll have to get back and do a follow up. Stay tuned…

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A Chinese Thanksgiving 深圳人的感恩节

Me and Lynn hit the streets of Shenzhen with a camera to ask people what they are thankful for…

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shantou travel story

No Sex, Booze, or Beef: Phuket Vegetarian Festival

I was supposed to write this article more than one year ago, but I finally got around to it. Didn’t make the Veg Fest this year, but I will try my best to get there next year. It is truly an amazing experience! Not sure why they chose that shot as the leading image, but oh well. Read on…

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shantou travel story

Shantou: Home of China’s only Cultural Revolution museum

Note: I’m not sure why they subtitled this article like they did, as isn’t...
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