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Month: July 2007

Koh Chang at Night

Last May I took a trip to Thailand for spring break. It was my first time on the island of Koh Chang and it was beautiful. I took some long exposures on our first night and here are a few of the results. Most of them are 30 second exposures. (click for larger versions) Palm trees and stormy weather Susan on the beach Lighting over Koh Chang(my first lightning picture ever!) Scenic Overlook – Gulf of Thailand The road home – very wet, steep, and dangerous! On a rental motorbike. $5 waterfront bungalow Relaxation(shot at ISO 3200 for one...

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Adventures with Darcy, pt 2

This time Darcy and I had a couple of hours to kill before dinner one night, so we decided to scale yet another skyscraper. This one, as usual, entailed taking the elevator to the top possible floor, then going up through an emergency stairwell for several floors. Try a couple of doors, and voila: a great aerial view of the city! Approaching our destination Reflecting on the roof View towards Dongmen Darcy and Diwang Back on street level More pictures from this adventure can be found in the Photoshoots with Friends gallery. Have a good...

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Pacific Ocean at Night

These were all taken on the eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii, back in February They are all wide angle, 30 second exposures at ISO 1600, hence the heavy noise. If I were shooting at ISO 100 (cleanest image with the least noise) it would have taken 8 minutes! Long exposure night photography is probably my favorite style of shooting, for it allows you to get out to relax and experience the beauty and calm of the outdoors. Not to mention the results can be pretty dramatic sometimes and the creative possibilities are endless, especially when a flash gun or other light sources are involved. To the North To the East To the South The red light you see in the distance in the center of this picture is the point where the river of lava from Mauna Kea reaches the ocean, exploding into huge balls of fire when it hits the water, reflecting off the...

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Kids at Cape Charles Beach

I was hanging out on the Cape Charles boardwalk the other day when a friend came by with his little brothers. They got excited when they saw my camera, as kids often do, and proceeded to put on a little acrobatic show for me. click for larger versions PS: I have a strange issue with these pictures. They were shot in RAW and processed with ACR 4.0 and PS CS3. Originally the colors were much more rich and saturated, but upon uploading them to my Flickr account, they look washed out (especially the 1st and 3rd). I haven’t had this problem with jpegs. Any idea on what’s going...

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