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Month: August 2007

Records on the Road at Night

If you are want to know the story behind this photo, here goes: several weeks ago I was at the grocery store, and while loading the bags into my car I took out a bag of my old records to take a look and put them on the roof of my car, but forgot to put them back in. I pulled out onto the highway and 50 yards later I hear a thump and looked back to see my bag of vinyl bouncing off the road. An instant later an 18 wheeler slammed the bag and records went flying, bouncing, and rolling all over the highway. I pulled the car over immediately and turned on my flashers and ran back to pick it all up. As I was running back, a van hit another few pieces of vinyl. I ran into the highway, picking up piece after piece when the path was clear. Cars were flying by, and I was running on and off, on and off the highway. More pieces were run over, more pieces were rolling around. Crazy! After about 3 minutes (I think) of this pandemonium I had gathered all my vinyl. I drove home in relief and on the way back, stopped at a remote intersection to assess the damage: everything was in one piece! I took out my camera and laid a few pieces...

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Kalani Oceanside Retreat Advertisement

I took this shot back in winter when I was working at Kalani in Hawaii, and they used it in several magazine advertisements. Also, I am working on 5 photo jobs at the moment, as well as getting ready to go back to China in 3 days, and trying to fit as much time in with family and friends as possible. Needless to say, its getting crazy around...

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James and Lila’s Wedding

James and Lila are good friends of mine who live in China, and were married this past May. Here are a few pictures from their wedding in Hong Kong and the reception in Shenzhen. By the way, I did not do this for pay; rather just casually, and I didn’t really get into gung-ho photo mode because I was enjoying the occasion. James has blogged extensively about the wedding and how the relationship began – it’s a sweet story. Check it out! Signing in at the marriage registry The Wedding Crew The Couple and the Best Men Bride and Groom James, Lila, and random kids going wild after the wedding Adam at lunch – Applebees in HK! Shelly and Ranajit at dinner Darcy & Adam at dinner All of these were taken with my 18-55 Canon kit lens at high ISO without editing. I’m really happy with the image quality of this lens. However, I seem to have lost it! But it’s no biggie because it was so cheap and I already have a Sigma 18-200 OS which has taken its place. Here is a gallery of the wedding if you want to see more. And finally, I am fiending to shoot a paid wedding and give my creative all and do a damn good job, so if you know anyone getting married in HK, please let me know...

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Eating Frogs Hip Hop Tour

Back in May, I covered this event for the Shenzhen Daily newspaper. It featured the four original elements of hip hop culture: rapping, djing, breakdancing, and graffiti. It was a perfect combo of two of my passions: hip hop music and photography. I got a press pass, open bar, and free reign with my camera, and it was tons of fun. (Click for larger sizes) This picture of my friend Yueh Yee is my favorite nightclub picture EVER. Click here for a photo album of the...

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Radio Tower in the Clouds

Just another country scene on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I am still having trouble with my photos – they all come out slightly desaturated after being uploaded to the web. I have no idea what is going on – can anyone help? FYI, I shoot jpegs in sRGB mode. Somewhere along the line, a “Camera RGB” profile is being embedded in my files. When opening in PS, I chose to ignore the embedded profile, and use the working space profile, which is also set to sRGB. When I save, I make sure to embed the sRGB profile. I’ve tried numerous variations, but nothing works – they all come out desaturated after uploading. If you can help, I’d really appreciate it. JWords Update: The Best Hip Hop Album Ever – click the link to read...

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