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Month: August 2007

Records on the Road at Night

If you are want to know the story behind this photo, here goes: several weeks ago I was at the grocery store, and while loading the bags into my car I took out a bag of my old records to take a look and put them on the roof of...

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James and Lila’s Wedding

James and Lila are good friends of mine who live in China, and were married this past May. Here are a few pictures from their wedding in Hong Kong and the reception in Shenzhen. By the way, I did not do this for pay; rather just...

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Eating Frogs Hip Hop Tour

Back in May, I covered this event for the Shenzhen Daily newspaper. It featured the four original elements of hip hop culture: rapping, djing, breakdancing, and graffiti. It was a perfect combo of two of my passions: hip hop...

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Radio Tower in the Clouds

Just another country scene on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I am still having trouble with my photos – they all come out slightly desaturated after being uploaded to the web. I have no idea what is going on – can...

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