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Month: August 2007

Xichong Beach

I went to the beach in Shenzhen on my last weekend in China before coming home for summer. We were blessed with the best weather and clearest water I have seen there yet. Chinese people really know how to have fun – and the people in these pictures were no exception. They were at the beach on a company field trip, as is customary in China. Most people think of Shenzhen as a big, bustling, crazy urban jungle of 10 million (and it is) but if you get out and explore, a lot of beauty awaits. These were all taken with the Canon Powershot A300 – a fixed lens (no zoom) 3.2 megapixel ancient point and shoot camera. I love...

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Wilsons Department Store

This building is the central point of downtown Cape Charles (you can see I live in a huge metropolis – pop 1,000) It used to be a department store when I was a child, but it has been sitting vacant and rundown for years. Now, along with the development trend in Cape Charles, it has just been renovated into nice condos and commercial...

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Karate Kick

You can see, my form is a little bit off! If you wanna see how the kick was possible, click here. And for the aftermath, click here. Hahaha. In other news, I have a new xanga site called JWords which has been lying in dormancy for the past year, intended as a written counterpart to this site.  I’ll be covering various topics, but mainly hip hop (especially now), photography, life in China, travels, and other cool things. If you are a fan of anything I just mentioned, you might be interested. I just made my first posting about my favorite rapper’s new album, Common’s Finding Forver. Check it...

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