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Month: December 2007

Shenzhen Photos in the New Year

New Year! New Job! New Website! I’m flying back to China today and will start the new year with a new job as the photographer for a newspaper there. As I have no access to xanga in China, I will have a new website where I will be be posting photos and stories, hopefully everyday. It’s in it’s infancy so please bear with me until it gets running. Have a great new...

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China Cup Regatta

Back in October the Shenzhen Daily asked me to cover the first day of the Inaugural China Cup Regatta. There wasn’t much action as the winning boat smoked the rest of the competition by several hours on the race from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. But it was fun to hang out on the press boat all day. Here are a few...

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Ice Skating w/ Chen Lu

One day I got a call from a writer asking if I would come take pictures at a skating rink across the street from where I live. Turns out the story was about Chen Lu, a former world champion in women’s figure skating. She’s now the program director at the World Ice Arena here in Shenzhen, and she was very down to earth and nice to work with. It was my first time being published in a major newspaper, the SCMP in Hong...

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