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Month: August 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

For the first time in my four years in China, I spent the Chinese New Year holiday there. I went out to dinner with my friend Fiona, her family, and some friends. It went something like this… Fiona and her sister Some guy and Adam Let’s get started (with a toast to Fiona’s parents, in the middle) Little man (10 years old) with a toast of his own Fiona always dresses in a unique Chinese style Cheers Poor little guy got sick…but not before downing more than a few glasses of wine. Tea Kingway, the local beer Oranges to finish the meal       Susan, Adam, & Fiona after dinner All shots taken with a wide angle and 50mm portrait lens. Click here to see the full...

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Party Pictures

I never post party pictures, but I do love parties and pictures, so what the hell. Susan came to China the same year as me in 2004. After four years in Shenzhen she moved back to the USA, but not before throwing a great “house-cooling” party. Since I had been shooting all day and didn’t feel like it anymore, I gave Jeff my camera with the flash set up to bounce off the ceiling. He ended up getting some great shots… Jeff Susan Roosevelt and Christine Christine and Martin Yours Truly Grace, Roosevelt, Amy, Rick Dan...

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