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These were all taken in Cape Charles on the 4th of July. I shot them for the local newspaper, where several were published yesterday. Shooting fireworks is extremely difficult, I can never quite get exactly what I want, but it is good practice for being a better photographer.

^end of the grand finale^

I may begin writing about music and other things. We’ll see. Here goes.

MP3 of the Day: Soul Food by Goodie Mob

I came across this today while going through my old record collection. Goodie Mob is much like Outkast, also from Atlanta. This song is from 1995. I am stuck back in time – musically I live in the golden age of early/mid 90s hip hop. You might recognize the voice of Cee-lo, (of Gnarls Barkley fame) who is a core member of the group. It might be hard to get used to the rapping style of the others, which is very rough, but try to be open to it. The beat is pure smoothness and the song earns the right to it’s title. Click the link and check it out! Good for one week.

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