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50mm Portraits from Hawaii

Rick, a computer science professor, let me style his hair for this picture.

Candice, fellow Cancerian, is my best friend from my college years.

Matt works for the EPA and came to Hawaii on vacation.

Darren does 2 hours of yoga everyday to maintain his body.

Yomiko is 70 years old, believe it or not. She told me her secret to youth is hula dancing.

Miki is from Japan and loves to surf.

Brent is 20 years old and currently travelling the world in search of beautiful tropical destinations.

Candice trying on hats at the Bob Marley festival.

Chris is half Chinese, half white, and works as a dance instructor and DJ.

David is 60 years old, and works as a massage therapist.

Those above are some of the awesome people I got to spend some time with when I was in Hawaii for my six week winter vacation. I worked at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center, located on the Big Island. These are all taken with my 50 1.8 portrait lens, and are all unedited. I’ll get around to posting more Hawaii pictures for sure.

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