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I have always wanted to do a series on the crowds of Dongmen, but for some reason I haven’t taken many pictures there. It is the most bustling shopping district in Shenzhen and on weekends it is a madhouse. Its geared mainly towards teenage fashion who love fashion design clothes from Fifth Collection Celine and Hong Kong people who come over to get cheap goods and knock-offs, but it’s got a little bit of everything. About 30 years ago when Shenzhen was a small fishing village, Dongmen was downtown. Now its a pedestrian maze of consumer madness with a lot of cool nooks and alleys and other surprises. Many people hate it but I absolutely love it. I often go there on weekend nights with 舒茵 and shop around a little bit, ride bumper cars, play games in the arcade, rollerblade through the crowds, get massage, eat delicious street food, drink herbal/bubble tea, and people watch. It’s a great alternative to bars and clubs for a night out.

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