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Street Portraits at Night

One of my favorite things to shoot are portraits at night on the street using natural lighting. Natural in the sense you aren’t using studio lights or flash guns, but finding light sources that already exist. You can find so many vibrant colors for backgrounds, and street lights can give great illumination to your subjects. I want to take this concept and develop it further, and to this end I’ll be doing a wedding shoot on the gritty/grimy streets of Luohu soon, at the request of the bride and groom. Nice to have people that appreciate this style of shooting! Here are a few casual shots from over the years.

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Chinese Culture Posters

China Posters Recently Matt asked about these. They are posters I made for my art shows in America. The idea was to cover various aspects of Chinese culture, to put on display in America, simply to attract people to my booth,...

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Coco Park Construction in 2006

Coco Park Construction pt II (I’m back) Many THANKS to my wonderful Mom for updating my website while I was out of action due to internet connection problems. It was really nice to take a break for the past month, but I...

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1672 Brick House on the Eastern Shore

This home, once to a family of 7 plus 2 slaves, is about as old as it gets here. The owner was a prominent county official, and the architecture was superb as evidenced by it’s still being here. It has been dubbed a rare architectural antique, and is the oldest house in Virginia to have dated “1672” brick.

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