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China Posters

Recently Matt asked about these. They are posters I made for my art shows in America. The idea was to cover various aspects of Chinese culture, to put on display in America, simply to attract people to my booth, capture their attention, show them something about China, etc. They weren’t intended to be for sale, althogh some people inquired. I spent one night in Starbucks, sick with a cold, designing all of them on my new Apple MacBook. Then had them printed out from my local trusty printing shop, just in time, on the last night I was in China. I chose these topics because I thought American people would readily recognize them.

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This is the main poster and also the biggest. I chose images which I thought were representative of China. Therefore you have everything from a Buddha to skyscrapers to mountain scenery, pagodas, migrant workers, crowds, kids, countryside scenes, and so on. This usually hangs behind me in my booth. Its really funny when people walk by and take notice and exclaim “China?!” with a look of bewilderment on their faces. Certainly not expected here in rural Virginia.


How could I not include my favorite part of Chinese culture? This was the first draft of my Tea poster. The two on the bottom are two of my best friends in China (Fiona and Jacky) both of whom work in tea shops, have impeccable tea-making skills, and are some of the most pleasant and joyous people I have ever known.

Kung Fu

Who doesn’t think of Kung Fu when they think of China?! You might recognize Darcy in the top left.

Dim Sum

This is dim sum from Chaozhou. They were all taken on the first weekend I had my 30D, with a 50mm prime lens.

The Photoshop work isn’t the greatest, but then again I rarely do such
projects in Photoshop and I did them all in one night at the last
minute! I know the fonts and design could use some tweaking. I hope to do more conceptual projects like this in the near future. I have so many ideas running through my head…

Take care!

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