James and Lila are good friends of mine who live in China, and were married this past May. Here are a few pictures from their wedding in Hong Kong and the reception in Shenzhen. By the way, I did not do this for pay; rather just casually, and I didn’t really get into gung-ho photo mode because I was enjoying the occasion. James has blogged extensively about the wedding and how the relationship began – it’s a sweet story. Check it out!

Signing in at the marriage registry

The Wedding Crew

The Couple and the Best Men

Bride and Groom

James, Lila, and random kids going wild after the wedding

Adam at lunch – Applebees in HK!

Shelly and Ranajit at dinner

Darcy & Adam at dinner

All of these were taken with my 18-55 Canon kit lens at high ISO without
editing. I’m really happy with the image quality of this lens. However, I seem to
have lost it! But it’s no biggie because it was so cheap and I already
have a Sigma 18-200 OS which has taken its place.

Here is a gallery of the wedding if you want to see more. And finally, I am fiending to shoot a paid wedding and give my creative all and do a damn good job, so if you know anyone getting married in HK, please let me know of them, or let them know of me!