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I’m back on a VPN, which allows me to bypass the Great Firewall of China!
I got a Canon S90 from my parents for Christmas and I’m so excited with it. Here are a few photos I’ve taken with it over the past few months. All in Shenzhen:The view from Seb’s balcony. I work in the far background!
I’m not sure what these dudes are writing but I assume its either their plight or their poetry.
Walking through Gangxia, my ongoing photo documentary project.

Light Graffiti in Gangxia!

David at one of my DNB nights! This was a good one, great atmosphere.

One of my favorite veg dishes; scrambled egg, dragonfruit, cabbage, and tomoto over a bed of rice. Sounds strange but its awesome!


This is my private student, Kelly, who is a genius:

This old woman was especially cute.

Hair’s starting to get long thanks to the black castor oil.

Life in Shenzhen has been good/crazy as usual!

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