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It seems like every time I come home from China I immediately hit the road to see one of my favorite rappers. You don’t get a chance to see much good live music in China so you better make the most of the opportunity while in America. Last year I saw ATCQ for the first time ever after years of dormancy and it was amazing. This year I got to see another favorite rapper of mine, Pep Love, who is also coming off a long hiatus – 8 years since his last record. He’s an underground west coast rapper, so the show was small, but all the better for the intimate vibe. I met his manager who was pretty cool. Then I met his DJ who is also a surfer from Virginia and really down to earth. And finally I met the man himself backstage after the show. A great way to celebrate your birthday, fresh off the plane. Oh yeah, and it was his birthday too. (I turned 28, he turned 35) Here’s a few pictures, but nothing too great because I was more focused on the show itself.




Great show Pep!

Check out his music here.

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