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Wildlife @ Assateague

I spent the day at Assateague Island National Seashore last Sunday on my way back from Delaware. The waves were small and choppy, so surfing didn’t last very long. I then decided to go out and put my new lens to the test on wildlife. 200mm really isn’t long enough (for close detail), and it was very challenging, but overall tons of fun. This was actually the first time I have gone out with the sole purpose of shooting wildlife, and I think I am now addicted. Some people hunt with guns. I felt like I was hunting with my camera. For example, there was a lot of waiting, observing, relaxing, then all of a sudden a flock of birds will fly by and you have to be quick to action before they are gone. Here is what I shot…


click for full screen versions



Common Tern – You can see a small fish in his mouth if you look closely

seagull over sunset

Seagull over Chincoteague Island

egret on the log

Great Egret #1

egret in flight

Great Egret #2

egret in flight

Great Egret #3

duck and lighthouse

Canada Goose and the Lighthouse

deer and ducks

Sika Deer & Canada Geese

These pictures are some of the first in which I have used the
Shadow/Highlight processing tool in Photoshop. It’s great for
increasing the dynamic range of a photograph, although sometimes leaves a strange saturation and halo effect, which you can see in the Great Egret #2 photo. I’ll be going back to Assateague this weekend for another art show (the biggest and maybe the last of the summer) – and hopefully lots more surfing and wildlife shooting. It is such a great feeling to be outdoors taking pictures of birds and animals. Hopefully the wild ponies will be out next time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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