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您好!I’m Jesse…

I started taking pictures in the year 2000 when I was in college, until my film camera was run over by a car…..

Fast forward a few years to China, where my flame for photography was reignted. After studying abroad in Hong Kong, I lived and worked in Shenzhen for 11 years (4 of those as a full time photographer). Then I moved to Taiwan in 2015…

Although not working full time anymore, I do take assignments, mostly weddings and editorial work. I’ve come full circle back to film nowadays, as that medium gives me the most pleasing and exciting results.

Otherwise, I spend most of my time chasing waves around the world, making music, and organizing events. Stay tuned as I redevelop this site and update it sporadically 🙂

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New York Times, Getty Images, South China Morning Post, Globe & Mail, SZ Daily, SZ Party, That’s PRD, TALK, etc.


Papa John’s, Singapore Airlines, Organica, Inter Supply Chain, Luen Thai, YHY Plastic, etc.


Ralph Lauren-Polo, Skullcandy, Berik, Arlen Ness, Xmas-Deco, Aputure, Greenstar, etc


Network PRD, Iraq Football Association, etc.

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