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These were all taken on the eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii, back in February
They are all wide angle, 30 second exposures at ISO 1600, hence the heavy noise. If I were shooting at ISO 100 (cleanest image with the least noise) it would have taken 8 minutes! Long exposure night photography is probably my favorite style of shooting, for it allows you to get out to relax and experience the beauty and calm of the outdoors. Not to mention the results can be pretty dramatic sometimes and the creative possibilities are endless, especially when a flash gun or other light sources are involved.

To the North

pacific ocean to the north
To the East
pacific ocean to the east

To the South
pacific ocean to the south

The red light you see in the distance in the center of this picture is the point where the river of lava from Mauna Kea reaches the ocean, exploding into huge balls of fire when it hits the water, reflecting off the clouds!

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